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“How have you worked with diversity?”

In a course I took over the past term, we spent much time problematizing notions of diversity, particularly diversity within the academy and in canadian multiculturalism as assisted by Ahmed’s On Being Included  Coming out of the course, I took home a few key points(amongst many) on the word: 1) Diversity is a veiled way to reference tokenistic inclusion of different bodies, particularly those of varying race, 2) the use of diversity as a de-political, less radical way to fight oppression (tolerance, not acceptance or change), and 3)diversity still frames the white, able, cis, straight, english speaking, thin, male (etc) body as the normal, difference from this (particularly along racial lines) is the creation of diversity in an institution, in an organization, or workplace. Within this brief summary, there is much to analyze and discuss (can the term diversity be used radically?), but I want to hone in briefly on a an experience and discussion I had.  Continue reading