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Pronouns, Safe(r) Spaces, and Guidelines (A collection of Thoughts)

In the queer group I’m involved with we recently revised our safer space guidelines and community agreements.

One of the guidelines originally was provide a name/pseudonym and preferred pronouns, and the new guideline is a name and preferred pronoun set.

We wanted to encourage naming of the actual pronoun(s) instead of masculine/feminine/gender-neutral as adjectives ascribed to specific sets (i.e. feminine is she, masculine is he etc).  This was not without some conflict and confusion.

For some folks, their him is very firmly masculine to the point of being unable to deccouple the pronoun from the gender expression. Continue reading


Your name choosing guide to avoiding cultural appropriation, racism, and general awfulness (from a white trans* perspective but probably useful for naming children, pets, and fictional characters)

When I was deciding what more ‘neutral’ name I wanted to take on, I wanted a post to help me figure out and explore whether a name was appropriate for me to take on. This is my first attempt at that post.


Before proceeding it’s helpful to have a a few names that are diverse to select from. If you discover knowledge about the name that might point it out as appropriative or at least uncomfortable for you to pick we can find it easier to have another name if we have a few we like. If you haven’t already fallen in love with a specific name it might hurt less to move on from it or to think critically about your choice.  Continue reading